Grand Forks City Council denies TEDx event funding request

Organizers of a Grand Forks event will have to go elsewhere for funding after the City Council voted Monday to withhold city money from them.

TEDx Grand Forks, an event that would feature international, national and local speakers addressing a variety of topics, was denied $9,566 in funding recommended for it by the city’s Special Events Committee.

The committee was chaired by council member Tyrone Grandstrand, who also serves as an organizer of TEDx along with his wife Becca. His presence in both groups had council member Dana Sande questioning the legitimacy of the committee’s process.

“I don’t doubt that there was no intention of doing anything wrong,” Sande said. “I just don’t believe he should have acted on any proposals at all.”

Grandstrand said he followed proper procedure and recused himself from chairing the committee during discussion of TEDx and voting on the event’s funding recommendation.

“We’re interested in having a great event in Grand Forks … we’re not interested in monetary gains,” Granstrand said, adding he and his wife would not be paid for organizing the event.

Continue reading here. View TEDx’s presentation for the committee and council below.

TEDx Presentation

3 thoughts on “Grand Forks City Council denies TEDx event funding request

  1. Mr. Grandstarand seems to believe his role on the council is to spend taxpayer money to satisfy his whims. First recycling, then arts, then this.

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