Expanding business areas in Grand Forks require big investments in new infrastructure

While more and more houses and businesses continue to pop up on Grand Forks’ south end, it’s the west end where city staff members say there may be significant growth in the next few years.

Earlier this year, patches of land were identified as growth areas (begins on page 34 of the linked presentation) by the city and require significant infrastructure investments — including streets, sewers, stormwater ponds and water service — in preparation for development.

“Growth in those areas will occur in the near future,” city Public Works Director Todd Feland said. “Because it’s going to happen, we need to do some infrastructure planning.”

Of the six areas indentified, five lie west of Interstate 29 and all would cater to commercial or industrial development. City staff members have calculated the numbers, and the known estimated costs for the six areas came to about $23 million in July.

That number represents a situation in which the areas have all of their infrastructure installed at once, according to Feland, but he added the city would likely phase some costs in over time.

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  1. Any insight as to what the ‘Amazon unknown’ dot is all about? Is that the old site that was supposed to be a distribution center that fell through years ago?

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