One of three Grand Forks four-way stop requests moving forward

Only one of three recent resident requests for four-way stops at various intersections will be granted by Grand Forks city staff.

A report with recommended actions was presented to the City Council’s Service/Safety Committee on Tuesday.

The four-way stop installation making the cut is recommended for the intersection of South 20th Street and 11th Avenue South.

Traffic at the intersection had increased during this summer’s Columbia Road construction project but has not returned to its pre-construction levels, according to Traffic Engineer Jane Williams.

A temporary four-way stop accompanied by “stop ahead” warning signs were installed during the construction. The stop signs will remain but the warning signs will be removed in the future once drivers become accustomed to the stop, according to an engineering assessment of the intersection.

The intersection also sees high pedestrian usage as it is located near Ben Franklin Elementary School.

Five accidents have been recorded in the past two years at the intersection. Williams said all five could have been prevented with a four-way stop.

Two other requests for four-way stops were rejected because the intersections did not meet federal requirements. Those intersections were Cherry Street’s intersections with 40th Avenue South and 47th Avenue South.

The requirements included a minimum traffic volume and minimum number of crashes reported in a specific time period that could have been prevented by a four-way stop.

Committee chairman Terry Bjerke commended city staff for making decisions driven by data.

“Facts should decide what we should be doing,” he said.

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