Are your health insurance costs going way up?

Anyone know somebody in the Grand Forks area that pays for their own health insurance (not through an employer) and will be seeing their premiums increase a lot — maybe double or even triple — come January 2014?

Just as an example, the lowest a 30-year-old man or woman who is a nonsmoker could pay per month in 2013 for an individual health insurance plan is $47.20 under Blue Cross Blue Shield. Next year, the lowest monthly cost is $179.07.

If this sounds your situation, I would like to talk to you for a Grand Forks Herald story. You can contact me on this blog, call me at (701) 780-1108 or email

One thought on “Are your health insurance costs going way up?

  1. Wow! I’ll be looking forward to the article. I have employer paid health insurance so I’ve never shopped for insurance before. I thought the Affordable Care Act was going to make health insurance cheaper.

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