New Q&A column on local government debuts today

The Herald has asked me to start writing a weekly column that aims to answer reader questions about local government, laws and other topics.

You can ask about road projects, new laws, a City Council member’s favorite color…the possibilities are endless.

As of now, the column is set to run Mondays in the Herald and on the City Street Beat.

There will be a permanent post anchored to the right side of the blog’s homepage with directions on how to submit questions.

Ways to submit a question:

  • Email it to
  • Tweet it at @gfcitybeat.
  • Call it into (701) 780-1108.
  • If it pertains to a post you see on this blog, leave it in a comment.

Note: Questions may not be published in the order received because some subject matters are more time-sensitive than others.

Example – If you’re asking about an item still being reviewed by Grand Forks City Council or its committees, I would try to answer that one before one asked about a law we’ve had forever.

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