Two stoplight installation projects under review by City Council

Traffic lights hanging from cables over the intersection of South 42nd Street and 11th Avenue South in Grand Forks could be a thing of the past this time next year.

The installation of permanent stoplights at the intersection is being proposed for next year. Construction on the estimated $560,000 intersection upgrade will get underway next year if the City Council gives final approval to it and another stoplight project.

Both projects received preliminary approval Tuesday from the council’s Service and Safety Committee.

The city’s projected cost share of the 42nd Street set of lights is $112,000, according to a staff report. The remaining costs are covered by the federal funds dispersed through the North Dakota Department of Transportation.

The second set of traffic lights up for approval by the council is set to be installed on the city’s south end at the intersection of South Washington Street and 40th Avenue South and expected to cost $775,000 — $155,000 of that price tag paid by the city.

Temporary traffic signals were authorized for that intersection by the council this past December following resident complaints and a car accident involving injuries. The lights became operational in February.

2 thoughts on “Two stoplight installation projects under review by City Council

  1. In Mn. roundabouts are installed even @ busy US highway intersections. Why can’t GF get its head around the effectiveness of the use of roundabouts? It doesn’t speak well of the ability of GF leaders to think progressively.

    • I imagine it’s because they are being cautious and want to see how the two new roundabouts next year work out. Still though, Grand Forks is small enough to take chances on something like this and not affect too many people.

      That’s aside from any number of studies that show roundabouts work, of course.

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