Housing discrimination ban given preliminary OK at Grand Forks City Council

In what seems like a rare occurrence, thundering applause followed a Grand Forks City Council committee decision Monday night.

More than 40 people watched as a city law proposing a ban on housing discrimination was discussed and ultimately given preliminary approval by a unanimous vote of the council’s Finance and Development Committee.

If signed into the books, the law would be the first in the state to prohibit housing discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identify, according to council members. The law is up for final approval from the full council on Oct. 7.

Of those in attendance at Monday’s meeting, UND student Kyle Thorson was one clapping for the decision.

“I am a gay man. By saying that, I could potentially be removed from my apartment. There could be a notice on my door when I go home.” he said before the vote. “Fear is something that is driving this ordinance. I have little fear that I could be evicted.

“But that fear is still something I carry with me.”

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One thing not mentioned in the main story from today is that, if the law is instated, those convicted of violating it in a municipal court could be fined up to $500. Landlords violating this law also could lose their rental license.

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