Domestic violence costs Grand Forks more

A breakdown of revenues and expenditures by source for the Community Violence Intervention Center’s 2013 budget. Photo credit: CVIC.

An increasing need for services and rising costs has the city of Grand Forks boosting funding for a local group working to reduce domestic violence.

The city maintains a contract with the Community Violence Intervention Center for services such as counseling and facilitating safe visitation between children and adults.

This year the City Council voted to increase payment to the center by about $23,000, bringing the total for the 2014 contract to $123,000.

According to CVIC’s executive director, Kristi Hall-Jiran, those services save both the city and Grand Forks County money

The safe visitation program, called Kids First, reduces the number of potential police calls that results from situations taking a turn for the worse, she said.

Last year, staff from the city and CVIC determined that the city saved $260,000 because of CVIC services. Grand Forks County, which has more agencies working with domestic violence issues, saved about $527,000.

The county paid $120,000 for its contract with the center last year. Its contract will be increasing by $3,600 for the year 2014.

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Click on the images below to view more financial information about the center for the year 2013.

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