CITY BITS: Grand Forks neighborhood begins work on mural

A rendering of what the final mural will look like once members of Grand Forks’ Near Southside Neighborhood are done painting it. Photo credit: Near Southside Neighborhood.

A group of Grand Forks residents started a project last week aimed at beautifying its neighborhood.

Members of the Near Southside Neighborhood gathered Sept. 14 to begin work on a mural that will be attached to the outside of a storage unit near the downtown area.

In an interview with the Herald earlier this summer, neighborhood resident Judy Swisher said this mural, which features a trolley theme, will be one of three or four temporary murals planned for the space.

Each mural would have a different theme. The nearby skate park would likely be the inspiration of one while another would be made by neighborhood children, according to Swisher.

Below are a few photos of the progress. More can be seen on the neighborhood’s Facebook page.

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