City of Grand Forks, neighborhood hope signs slow speeders

A radar sign used to discourage residents from speeding in residential neighborhoods and school zones. Photo credit: http://www.

Drivers zipping along Ruemmele Road in south Grand Forks may see more flashing lights in response to their climbing speedometer needles.

Two temporary speed radar signs could be placed on the road — which curves at 90-degree angle — to quell speeders that have neighbors in the area nervous.

The signs display a driver’s current speed, and many models flash warning lights if that speed climbs too high.

The high-tech signs will replace homemade signs resident Craig Letvin said his neighbors constructed in an effort to get drivers to ease off the gas while on the street, which is a 20-mph zone.

“There have been several times where neighbors have put up their own little signs that say ‘Slow down please,’ because they have little children that would like to go play,” Letvin said, adding the speed cars are traveling on the road is “just too fast.”

Letvin and his wife, Chris Letvin, came to a City Council committee meeting Aug. 27 to urge council members to consider authorizing the signs’ purchase at a cost of $8,547.

That request was approved Sept. 10 after hesitation from city staff and committee members was subdued when speeding and traffic violation data on the road was presented by police.

Continue reading here. You can view traffic by clicking on the above link. Data is included for speed recordings taken both before and after the request for the signs was submitted to the city.

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