Ethics complaint against Grand Forks official goes to state

After receiving no reply from the city attorney, a Grand Forks resident has sent a complaint about a City Council member to a higher disciplinary board.

In a letter sent May 15 to City Attorney Howard Swanson, resident Doug Marshall asked for an investigation of his claims that council member and lawyer Doug Christensen voted on city business he should have recused himself from because of professional conflicts of interest.

Two months later, Marshall said he was “appalled” he did not receive confirmation that the city had received it.

“There was no response, zero acknowledgement that they had received the letter,” said Marshall, a former UND aviation professor, consultant and attorney. “You would at least expect something.”

Swanson told the Herald in June he would look into claims outlined in the letter. He did not return a message left Friday at his office.

Dissatisfied with the city’s lack of response, Marshall said he made a copy of the letter and other documentation and sent it on July 30 to the state attorney general’s office and the state Supreme Court’s Disciplinary Board for review.

“If (the city) somehow thought this would go away, it won’t,” Marshall said. “I’m serious about the matters mentioned in the letter.”

Continue reading here. Click on the link below to read the letter sent to Swanson, Mayor Mike Brown and City Council President Hal Gershman.

Marshall’s Letter

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