Housing market review could reveal progress in Grand Forks












Grand Forks’ tight housing market has been the source of frustration for many people who have recently attempted to own or rent a home.

After months of study, a city commission determined the housing crunch was caused in part by the city’s supply of housing not keeping up with demand.

The Blue Ribbon Commission on Housing had the task of studying the housing market, diagnosing problems with it and suggesting solutions to those problems. It released its report nine months ago. In that report, the commission found housing was in short supply and rising home and rent prices were putting more housing units out of reach for some populations.

Officials are now reviewing housing market activity to see if progress has been made on the commission’s final recommendations for helping the market.

A “housing update” will be delivered Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. by staff from the city and the Chamber of Commerce at the Chamber’s offices, 202 N. 3rd St.

Part of the update will be the debut of a new housing tool on the City of Grand Forks’ website. This “housing dashboard” will be updated periodically with local housing data the public can view.

“We want to get that information out there for everyone in the housing chain,” said Chamber President and CEO Barry Wilfahrt. “That includes landowners, developers, Realtors, homeowners and potential homeowners.”

Chamber members say they hope the data will encourage more housing construction in the city. A building boom in rental housing already got under way this summer, but the dashboard could encourage a growth spurt in the single-family home market.

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