Grand Forks Chamber: Data can help home market

Story by Christopher Bjorke

Grand Forks’ housing market has made progress toward correcting a home shortage this year, but members of the Chamber of Commerce say making more data available will encourage more construction.

The Chamber of Commerce in Grand Forks will host a “housing update” on Grand Forks’ housing market Wednesday at its downtown offices.

“While we’ve made a lot of progress, there’s a lot more opportunity,” said Chamber President and CEO Barry Wilfahrt.

Housing supply and affordability, along with construction costs, have been the subject of study since 2012 because of perceptions that the market was not meeting demand from those seeking to buy or rent homes.

Wednesday’s event will look at activity over the recent summer construction season and introduce a “housing dashboard,” a new feature of the City of Grand Forks’ website.

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Prior to the meeting, look for coverage detailing how much building is happening in Grand Forks. Our most recent housing series highlighted the apartment building boom, but is the home market seeing a similar construction trend?

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