Downtown Grand Forks group takes to cleaning up streets

Last week, Grand Forks city employees and downtown business owners met to remove cigarette butts that are regularly seen scattered on sidewalks.

Members of Urban Development and Public Health departments aided the Downtown Development Association in cleaning up the butts and placing 20 cigarette disposal containers around the area to curb their reappearance.

You can watch a video of their efforts here.

The DDA was formed about six months ago with the goals of promoting and beautifying Grand Forks’ downtown area. Friday’s cleanup is one of the group’s first cracks at improving downtown.

While group members are out and about, City Council is debating whether or not the city should be giving the DDA money to fund its operation and initiatives such as the cleanup.

A placeholder of $75,000 for the group is in Mayor Mike Brown’s budget, but some council members have voiced reservations about giving away that much money.

During a presentation to the council last month, the DDA said it would likely need $150,000 to get up and running.

The council will make a final decision on the group’s funding at its meeting on Sept. 16.

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