Update on downtown parking

Grand Forks is two weeks away from partially reopening a dowtown parking ramp to permit holders.

The First Avenue parking ramp will partially reopen on Sept.1. It’s been closed for repairs since July. The structure will not be fully reopened until November 29 — if the project stays on schedule that is.

One alternative parking area is closing for the school year. The lot on First Avenue North and North Fifth Street will become teacher-only parking this Sunday.

Until construction is done, this is where the city recommends you park:

3 thoughts on “Update on downtown parking

  1. What permit holders park in Lot 6 above, Lower Riverboat Lot? I went there on a weekday and there were two cars parked in that huge lot, yet the sign stated permit holders only until after 6pm and on weekends.

  2. I’m assuming it’s for those who held permits for the First Avenue ramp. This includes professionals and school staff/students. I think that lot will get busier once classes start at the high school since most of those people haven’t been around all summer to make parking difficult.

    • Well, I’m pretty sure that lot is not for those that parked in the 1st Avenue ramp since my wife parks in that ramp. The city still required her to pay for her reserved spot, yet she had to park in the corporate ramp, in the two hour parking, and hope she found a spot.

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