Committee to examine effects of high-risk drinking in Grand Forks

Efforts to tackle high-risk alcohol use in Grand Forks and the culture surrounding it got under way this week.

The Community and Campus Committee on High-Risk Alcohol Use met for the first time Wednesday afternoon. The committee would work to establish a culture of low-risk drinking in the city through awareness campaigns, recommending law changes and other efforts.

Read more about its members and its approach here.

Prior to the committee’s formation, the City Council’s Service and Safety Committee held three special alcohol-focused meetings. From these, a list of alcohol-related concerns submitted by community members was compiled.

Below is the list of items the new committee says it may use as a jumping off point. All suggestions were evaluated by city attorney Howard Swanson. Several issues are outside of the city government’s control or would be illegal in the state of North Dakota.

Misc. Alcohol Issues

The rest could be fair game for this committee to review and propose recommendations to solve.


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