City Bits: New disc golf course opens in Riverside Park

Map showing location of new disc golf course in Riverside Park, located on Grand Forks’ north end.

Another Greater Grand Forks Greenway amenity is up and running. A nine-hole disc golf course will join two temporary bocce ball courts as the latest addition to the Greenway system this summer.

The disc golf course is located in Riverside Park.

According to the Greenway’s Facebook page:

“Great news for disc golf players! After many months of planning and waiting (and a little bit of government red tape) the disc golf course in Riverside Park is now open for use! The nine hole course is located on the northern edge of the park, between the paved trail and river. The first tee is located just over the trail from the parking lot in the northwest corner of the park.”

The Riverside Park location becomes the third disc golf course in the Greater Grand Forks area.

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