Residents sound off about proposed school tax hike

A proposed tax increase has some Grand Forks residents up in arms.

From council members venting on Facebook to an editorial published in the Herald, it seems no one is thrilled with a proposed 28.6 percent increase in property taxes. The increase would come even after state property tax relief would be instituted in the form of a mill buydown for the school district.

You can read the basics about the increase here.

A notice was sent out to some property owners saying there will be an overall reduction in property taxes even with the increase factored into it.

Some aren’t buying the “decrease” label and plan to vent their frustrations at a Aug. 12 public hearing on the matter. The hearing starts at 6 p.m. in the Mark Sanford Education Center, 2400 47th Ave. S. in Grand Forks.

I’ll have a more in-depth look at the issue with comments from school district administrators, the school board president and local legislators coming late tomorrow for the web and Friday morning for those who pick up the paper.

2 thoughts on “Residents sound off about proposed school tax hike

  1. When is the school administration going to get it? They have no right to put the property tax relief that the legislature passed into their pockets. Also, why didn’t every taxpayer in the school district receive this letter?

  2. That is my question, why did only some property owners receive that letter? I will be unable to attend tomorrow’s session as I will be out of town on business. I have yet to talk to anyone that did receive the letter.

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