Heads Up: Police looking to upgrade bomb disposal robots

Heads Up is a weekly column that previews upcoming Grand Forks city government meetings. 

The Grand Forks Police Department is seeking approval of two purchases that’ll beef up regional bomb squad equipment.

The MK-3, a type of bomb disposal robot used by the Grand Forks Regional Bomb Squad. Photo credit: ICOR Technologies.

The department needs the City Council’s stamp of approval on two equipment upgrade purchases for the Regional Bomb Squad’s bomb disposal robots.

Together, the requests total almost $82,000 dollars. But don’t worry about your tax bills quite yet. The upgrades will be paid in full by grants, according to a city staff report.

It sounds like a no-brainer type of purchase, but the department still needs the council’s OK to move forward with buying the equipment.

Upgrades to the robots will include new sensors, cameras and other parts that need to be replaced because of the robots’ age. For the full list, click here and here.

The request will make an appearance before the council’s Service and Safety Committee for preliminary approval Tuesday night.

Monday night, more of Mayor Mike Brown’s proposed 2014 budget will be revealed to council members. You can find the specifics of an earlier budget meeting here. It was announced at that meeting there will be no mill (property tax) increases this coming year.

You can view all the city meeting agendas here.

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