Grand Forks police ramp up enforcement of leash laws

A leashed German Shepard. File photo.

Lax enforcement of city leash laws has some Grand Forks residents barking mad.

As a result, Grand Forks community service officers are increasing patrols this week in an effort to crack down on dog owners who let their pets run without leashes.

The city’s two officers will be making extra sweeps of the Greenway where a number of complaints have come from in recent weeks. Police officers also will be keeping an eye out for offenders while on patrol.

Lt. Michael Ferguson with the Grand Forks Police Department says dog owners can expect enforcement to be strict. Those caught with unleashed pets will be fined $31 if it’s their first offense. They also will receive an educational brochure outlining the dangers of not keeping dogs restrained.

“Our concern is for the public’s safety and the safety of their pets,” Ferguson said.

The need for extra enforcement will be reevaluated at the end of this week.

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