Grand Forks City Council considers changes to recycling program; options raise eyebrows

After being volleyed back and forth between the City Council and its service committee for a month, the future of Grand Forks’ curbside recycling program may finally be decided Monday.

Council members have been discussing two proposals for the program, the first of which will continue the current level of service while the second seeks to expand it.

Both result in significant costs increases for residents.

If the city chooses not to spring for the new containers and expanded service, residential users would see their recycling charge increase from $2.42 to $2.52. The charge for those living in apartments would increase from $1.24 to $1.29 per unit.

The price increase covers a 30 percent jump in the program’s annual cost.

This year, $406,000 was budgeted for recycling. Under the first proposal, this amount increases to $528,000.

Public Works Director Todd Feland said increased maintenance of the city’s four recycling drop sites is behind the increase.

The total climbs to $781,032 per year — a 92 percent increase — under the second proposal, which also would require the city to purchase new containers in addition to the increased drop site maintenance costs.

For more about the new containers and additional costs, click here.

If you like to read, you can check out the city seven-page staff report on the changes.

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