City could serve up one-day food licenses

Food vendors looking to sell their offerings in Grand Forks could have an easier time doing it if a new type of license is created, according to city officials.

The creation of a daily food vending license also could encourage more of these vendors to set up shop at Grand Forks events, Director of Public Health Don Shields said.

The proposed $30 license would be good for one day with a suggested  annual cap of $180. Additional food stands could be added for $10 each.

Currently, food vendors can apply for a 14-day license for $95 if they have a well-equipped trailer.

The 14-day license poses problems who may be in town for one or two-day events such as Art Fest, according to Shields.

Both Fargo and Minot offer similar licenses with fee caps of $150 and $180 respectively.

City Council member Bret Weber called the license ” a move in the right direction” at the council’s finance committee meeting Monday.

The license by given preliminary approval by the committee and will be brought before the entire council for final approval later in the month.

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