City Bits: Greater Grand Forks Greenway cleanup

Flooding has left the Grand Forks Greenway a little messy but city officials say they’re doing everything they can to get the area cleaned up.

Announcements concerning some the Greenway’s amenities from the city of Grand Forks:

  • The Lincoln Drive Park Boat Ramp reopened May 15. The John Little Boat Ramp in north Grand Forks, downtown East Grand Forks, and Red Lake River remain closed for cleanup. City staff checks the water levels on the ramps on a daily basis. The silt will be removed from the ramps as it dries out. Some areas may be pressure washed later, if needed. The silt must dry out prior to scraping to prevent the payloader from sliding toward the river.
  • An exact opening date is not known yet for the dog park in Lincoln Park. There are four steps to preparing the dog park for use again: The ground will need to dry out to allow crews to access the area, remove the silt deposits, reseed where necessary, and reestablish the turf to avoid muddy areas. This process could take several weeks to complete. In the meantime, another dog park is located at the Circle of Friends Humane Society, 4375 North Washington Street. Call (701) 775-3732 for more information.
  • The lower trails will reopen once city crews remove debris and silt from them when the ground will support heavy equipment. The first step will be to scrape the silt from the trails, followed by sweeping with a power broom. Some trails may need to be pressured washed to remove any remaining silt.
  • Crews are waiting for the ground to dry out enough to support the heavy equipment to remove the debris. The ground may look dry from a distance but there is still a lot of slick clay and mud in many areas.

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