Another push for Merrifield bridge in Grand Forks area

The Merrifield Road projects targeted by the petition include a bridge and a interchange with Interstate 94. Photo: Google Maps.

A group of Grand Forks County residents have started a petition drive that’s been more than 20 years in the making.

The South Forks Bypass Coalition is seeking signatures in hopes of getting two projects planned for Merrifield Road, also known as County Road 6, bumped up on the priority list of North Dakota and Minnesota state transportation departments.

It’s a pair of projects (a bridge and an interchange with Interstate 94) residents such Roland Young, 85, have been talking for decades. He’s the owner of Telpro, a company located just off Merrifield Road and has been officially involved in pushing this projects since 1991.

You can find the petition around the community or sign it at the coalition’s website here.

For more about the petition and glimpse into the history of the projects, click here.

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